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Description : NT i.e. True Type : Use Bengali Keyboard Layouts for Bengali Typing and Assamese Keyboard Layouts for Assamese typing. This fonts is same for both language. This is Truetype fonts recommended for Photoshop, InDesign, all Higher Application.

File Name : Bengali and Assamese NT Fonts (75 fonts set)

File Size : 0 bytes

Released Date : 2013-09-09

Version : 5.5

Terms and condition for use of this application software
  • Accept to use only your own purpose as mentioned in licence file.
  • Commercial user must get commercial licence.
  • Accept to don't publish or don't distribute this application without prior permission.
  • Accept to use as registred user or remove the application within 7 days of installation.
( and registrated user are licenced to use this application.)
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